Libby Harward aka "Mz Murri Cod" - Artist Profile

Qualifications: Vocational Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma / BA (Theatre) / Registered Circle of Security Parent Educator 


My Arts Practise is exploring Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment and Trauma Integration.  It is about relationship and connection with people, country and culture

I am a  descendent of the Nughi people of Quandamooka (Moreton Bay)  I also have English Australian heritage. In my arts practice I have used my personal history of acceptance and change to inspire and mentor others to contribute to social and personal change . 

I have worked extensively in the community sector gaining specialist skills in working with marginalized young people. I love to work on Therapeutic Arts, Community Cultural Development and Arts for Social Change projects. I have worked on projects in communities across Queensland, The Northern Territory and in the Torres Strait, as an arts worker coordinator and trainer on a broad range of projects, predominantly with young people using theatre and visual arts.

I am extremely passionate about utilising my knowledge in the neurobiology of Trauma, child and adolescent development, attachment theory and mindfulness  providing opportunities for people to explore their identity, their relationships and their worlds more simply and with less judgement. I deliver my work using strength based principles with a strong focus on inclusivity.

In addition to mycommunity work I am a mother of two young children and actively engaged in my own visual arts practice. I have recently completed a Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma and have an avid interest in the Nuerology of Trauma and healing particularly through somatic experiencing (body sensation). 

I am passionate about increasing wellness through many creative mediums and have the therapeutic knowledge and skill to do this in a safe, supported and fun environment.

 I would also like you to meet my alter ego Mz Murri Cod – Over the past 9 years my Graffiti Arts practice has featured this other self. Mz Murri Cod is reluctant to tell you much about herself. She has been described as A little cantankerous, a little cute, a little funny, a little obnoxious. Always changing and always changeable. Quite cheeky, a little angry, often opinionated and sometimes even shy.