Yana Bullang - STRONG WALK – A Rite of Passage 2015 (Yana Bullang in Yugamabeh Language means Go Strong)

Yana Bullang- STRONG WALK: The Rite of Passage Project is a therapeutic-arts based project delivered  on the foundation of ritual. It combined theatre, culture and Therapy elements with trauma informed practice to create a holistic approach to working in community. Thanks to the support of Arts Queensland this year, Creative Director Libby Harward was able to employ a creative team of artists to contribute and collaborate with the residents in the therapeutic community, Mirikai. Artists Meredith Elton, Alicia Jones, Nina-Rae Smith, Jason Haggerty, Jacinda West & Luther Cora each with their own life experience, cultural backgrounds & individualized arts training, each brought entirely unique learning to the Rite of Passage this year.

STRONG WALK 2015- Successfully funded 

WE HAVE RECEIVE SO MUCH SUPPORT, LOVE and WERE SUCCESSFUL In acquiring funds to deliver 2015 RITE OF PASSAGE PROJECT. Thanks to all those who supported our Pozible Campaign  STRONG WALK - A RITE OF PASSAGE PROJECT and A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Artists Alicia Jones, Christine Slabb and Meredith Elton who will join out team THANKS to ARTS QLD PROJECT FUNDING. 


Libby Harward Art : before:trodden:denied - my current artwork in Gold Coast City Gallery. The Gallery is currently hosting the my work alongside the  group of inspirational Aboriginal Artists I spent 5 days with on the 2015 South Stradbroke Island Indigenous Artist Camp. The Camp  led by nationally and Internationally renowned artist Fiona Foley was so inspiration and has provided me with opportunity to further my contemporary art practise.This exhibition is an exclusive window into our  experience and features some of the sketchings, objects and works created during their time on country.

When we connected for a week on South Stradbroke Island for Artist camp it all just came together and we knew we were supposed to be there to do something important. So much happened for me on that beautiful Island. The camp was led by Fiona Foley - and Jo-Anne Driessens and Michael Aird. It was just the right balance of activity and stillness of pushed limits and support. It has settled me in my practise and brought a new level of awareness to me of what I am saying through my Art. It gave me courage: permission and opportunity to explore my Aboriginality as a contemporary Artist. My work is titled Before: Trodden: Denied and will be exhibited in September at The Gold Coast Arts Centre Gallery. 

Name: Mil- Binung- Gananya Look- Listen- Understand ( Jandai Language - Quandamooka)
Artists - Libby Harward and Jenni Collins 
She holds strong and takes time to sit still on country - even though her situation can be hard - she listens and waits the next right action - looks after herself and her family - balancing - she holds a fish bowl of black fish swimming around in white water - the whiteness all around that we swim in- a fish leaps out of the bowl as a symbol of hope for a future deeper understanding between cultures-