MAY 2014

Jingeri (hello in Yugambeh language)I am so blessed by the opportunities I have to work with community.


A few months ago I was asked to work on a Mural for the Nerang Skate Park toilet Block. I asked artists Joshua Butler to help me and we set about yarning to community about Nerang. We held a BBQ at the skate park and met some friendly and enthusiastic crew who came up with many idea's for the mural. As I relish any opportunity to connect with the history and current culture of places I am blessed to work upon and within.

This Image was designed in consultation with skate park users and representatives from The Traditional Owners of the area- The Yugambeh people.  The Image is designed to appeal to young skatepark users and honour the Traditional People of the Gold Coast Area – The Yugambeh  People and all Aboriginal people from time immemorial, in the present, and into the future. The design pays homage to a love story of the Nerang River as Written by Rory O’Connor in his book – the story as Told by Aunty Hilma Blundell

This story and many other creation stories warn of Bunyip's that live in waterholes and can teach children about water safety. This story also tells us of the plants that are situated in the Nerang River. The elements and references present in this design are listed below.


SHOVEL NOSED SHARK- Neerang is a Yugambeh word for shovelnose shark where the Name Nerang came from.  BLUE LINES Skaters travelling from skate park to skate park as Traditional people and birds and animals travel from camp to camp. People Travelling sharing knowledge and Stories. WHITE CIRCLES- Representing the skate parks that the skaters travel between. Place of rest and story telling – Corroboree and Celebration. WAVES- Ocean, Japanese style – represent different cultures, Popular culture reference – currently in fashion. RAINBOW Water Lily  Muyim from Bunyip love story. REEDS-  Yimbin from Nerang River Love Story. BUNYIP - Bunyip of Nerang River. WATER  LILY + Lily pads - Significant flora. FEATHER - In Honour of to Polynesian Cultures that use park. CARDS - Reference to kids playing cards in park and they incorporate this with skating. TRAIN-Transport to and from park.  BOAT - A paddle steamer that lies at rest in Bischof Park beside the Nerang River. A number of steamers worked the Nerang River before the turn of the century. Until 1930, one of these vessels, the Maid of Sker was still trading up and down the river.