Been blessed to collaborate with Warraba Weatherall and the Amazing Artists from Jugglers Art Space. On a project that was part of the G20 Cultural events in Brisbane. Check out the article in Quest.

They misquoted me in this article - Should say "strength in the face of adversity" My work - Learning to Love while Floating on sticks -honouring power in our people- restoring spirit midst controversy- remembering who we are midst who we are told to be- maintaining spirit - trusting awaiting next right action - taking responsibility for our next generation- balance- mediate- maintain hope and love. Got to paint next to Warraba's work which honours the fight of our people Ninglaana - hungry for our land. Was great to have my work showcased against artists - Guido Van Helten - Fintan Magee - Mik Shida -Gus Eagleton - Gimiks Born and Simon Degroot. 

Here's another article