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Jugglers put on a Paint Jam for brewsvegas at the end of March and I couldn't wait to rock this character with my sista "enjay". Super keen to do more art with her. Was a good day - The theme was how good is this? Not sure my work fit in with the beer celebration ( 4 pines make great beer though) but I felt it was a good opportunity to bring "Enjay" along and create some more art with a message about "the complexities" that arise from ignoring the effects of colonisation. I like creating pictures more than I like answering questions.

Some questions I was asked were 

Why is the girls blood turning into hearts?

Why does the Koala look sad? 

Does the Koala want to wear that shirt? 

How is the girl feeling? 

GOOD QUESTIONS _ Really GOOD questions - How Good is This?- Check it at Jugglers