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STRONG WALK 2015- Successfully funded 

WE HAVE RECEIVE SO MUCH SUPPORT, LOVE and WERE SUCCESSFUL In acquiring funds to deliver 2015 RITE OF PASSAGE PROJECT. Thanks to all those who supported our Pozible Campaign  STRONG WALK - A RITE OF PASSAGE PROJECT and A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Artists Alicia Jones, Christine Slabb and Meredith Elton who will join out team THANKS to ARTS QLD PROJECT FUNDING. 

This unique and powerful  project is beginning  on the Gold Coast this month. It is a performance based theatre-action. Incorporating trauma-integration therapies and visual arts workshops at a Lives Lived Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation facility ‘Mirikai’. The project is called ‘STRONG WALK: A Rite of Passage Project.

·       STRONG WALK utilizes the creative arts to provide the skills and motivation to address and hopefully integrate the collective experience of the trauma’s from Drug and Alcohol Addiction. With this form of Artistic practice, theatre and ritual are fused in order to tackle the problem of community-building in groups characterized by loss of solidarity and disintegration. Trauma is fundamentally a disintegrative process and through theatre we can model a process of reintergration by making meaning of residents stories and experiences and presenting them in a ritualised celebration with their peers, family, friends and therapuetic supports.