In August 2013 I collaborated with CONTACT INC on The Walking Neighbourhood - BAGOT 
An Aboriginal community surrounded by corrugated Iron in the middle of Darwin. We collaborated with the Kids to create a Kids eye tour of BAGOT community.
Together with Contact Inc. I met the amazing mob at  Bagot Community OSHC . The community hall was transformed into a "neon" departure Point - we called it the departure Lounge 

A  ute full of Kids who didn't want to walk led  one large group around Bagot. We danced listened to music. Played Holey Hole - A kinda gambling game where kids skilfully flick coins into a whole. Beat visitors in B' Ball. toured the Out of School Hours Care Centre, climbed the big banyan tree, Sprayed water from the  fire hydrant, reminisced about Mango season 750 people came to the Kids show many of them lived next door and had never entered the community

BAGOT THANKS for having me - I look forward to seeing you again.