We are currently running a Pozible Campain to Raise Money for  a unique and powerful  project happening on the Gold Coast. It is a performance based theatre-action. Incorporating trauma-integration therapies and visual arts workshops at a Lives Lived Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation facility ‘Mirikai’. The project is called ‘STRONG WALK: A Rite of Passage Project.’ Please Check out the Campaign and make a Pledge at –  STRONG WALK A RITE OF PASSAGE PROJECT 

We are encouraging sharing of our campaign through the local community as online engagement is essential for this crowd-funding platform’s success - So if you like what we are doing please post the above link onto your personal or professional social media outlets 



Jugglers put on a Paint Jam for brewsvegas at the end of March and I couldn't wait to rock this character with my sista "enjay". Super keen to do more art with her. Was a good day - The theme was how good is this? Not sure my work fit in with the beer celebration ( 4 pines make great beer though) but I felt it was a good opportunity to bring "Enjay" along and create some more art with a message about "the complexities" that arise from ignoring the effects of colonisation. I like creating pictures more than I like answering questions.


My brown, Black and mixed with honey punchy political sisters !!! Confronting, sexy, funny, deep, curvaceous, honest, sticky and raw. A performance  that made me belly laugh and cry at the same time. I was so honoured to create costumes for these amazing women who keep on keeping it real. - I love Hot Brown Honey